Mini Mayhem


I’ve  created quite a few miniature houses, some are straightforward, others are a bit of a struggle. Every room in each  house is based on a story inspired by literature, myth, film or truth. I try get to know the little characters that live in my houses to make the story come together. I  aim to record changes I make to my houses here. The houses will never be finished as my aim is simply to continue having hours of pleasure and relaxed escapism dreaming up new ideas.

My Houses

I’ve admired and played with dolls houses forever, but only been creating my own for just over 20 years. Each room reflects a story based on my perception of a film,  book, myth or real life.

My houses are at different stages of completion or disrepair, some are more  presentable than others – just like real life buildings. I do not take myself or the houses too seriously so I have no qualms about stripping them out from time when I think its time for a change.

My ideas, time and priorities tend to dictate my progress. I love to hear and share hints and tips.